Jun 022009

Warcraft DotA-Allstars Patcher is a patcher for Warcraft III that have many features to update the latest version of DotA and others.

Warcraft DotA-Allstars Patcher

Here you can download DotA-Allstars Patcher
DotA-Allstars Patcher for Windows

DotA-Allstars Patcher for Intel Mac

DotA-Allstars Patcher for Intel Mac(AIR Not Included)


  • Automatically downloads new versions of DotA and displays the changelog!
  • Replaces the Warcraft III Icon on your desktop.
  • Options to select additional programs (such as ListChecker) to run with Warcraft III.
  • Run any combination of programs, (GGC, Banlist, LC, etc) in any order, automatically.
  • Displays the latest news from DotA-Allstars.com!

If you wanna get the latest maps for DotA AllStars you can read my previous post about Warcraft DotA AllStars Maps Downloads and if you want to play more tricky with DotA you can try DotA AllStars cheat codes here :p Have fun with DotA!!

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