Jun 022009

Warcraft DotA AllStars Maps

Warcraft DotA AllStars is popular game with has a million players in the world, from this games people made a tournament or competition with other clan in other places.

Some interesting things about this game is a version of maps that always updated every time, here i started to get listed DotA maps to downloads from official dota site.

Warcraft DotA AllStars Maps
Stable version:
DotA AllStars maps 6.57b (2008-11-12)

Latest version:
DotA AllStars maps 6.59d (2009-03-20)

DotA AllStars AI Maps downloads:
DotA AllStars maps 6.59 AI+ v1.52 (r1) by BuffMePlz

This DotA AllStars maps list downloads will be updated soon,,, please come back again later to see the latest DotA AllStars maps version

If you want to find DotA AllStars cheat codes please check my previous post about Warcraft DotA AllStars cheat codes

Enjoy this game,,, :p

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  1. this patch is very useful for me

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