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Everyone has playing DotA around the world, this game is very popular for personal gaming and online games. Every version maps of DotA has a different content of heroes, weapons, and tips.

DotA Cheat Codes

If you want to play more fun with DotA, you can use this DotA cheat codes below:

allyourbasearebelongtous => Instant victory
daylightsavings [time] => If a time is specified, time of day is set to that, otherwise time of day is alternately halted/resumed
greedisgood => Receive 500 gold and lumber
greedisgood [xxx amount] => extra money , ex: greedisgood 900000
iocainepowder => Fast Death/Decay
iseedeadpeople => open entire maps, no black clouds
itvexesme => No victory
keysersoze => Receive 500 gold
keysersoze [amount] => Gives you X Gold
leafittome => Receive 500 lumber
leafittome [amount] => Gives you X Lumber
lightsout => Set time of day to dusk
motherland [race] [level] => level jump
pointbreak => Removes food limit
riseandshine => Set time of day to dawn
sharpandshiny => Research upgrades
somebodysetupusthebomb => Instant defeat
strengthandhonor => No defeat
synergy => Disable tech tree requirements
tenthleveltaurenchieftain => Plays a special song (WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne ONLY)
thedudeabides => Fast spell cooldown
thereisnospoon => no mana cost
warpten => no colldown / speeds construction of buildings and units
whoisjohngalt => Enable research
whosyourdaddy => you’re Gods, never dies

DotA Cheat Codes

To activate DotA cheat codes is press ‘Enter’ button, then type the cheat codes and press ‘Enter’ button again.

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  1. dota dudu warcraft

  2. Guys these cheats are fake all of the following cheats are not true

  3. that cheats is only for campaign or custom game the real cheats is

  4. nice

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