May 222008

In the last articles, Get Free Domain Name, after you registered our new free domain, you must activate this domain

within 2 days or it will be cancelation your domain by the CO.CC providers.

To do that, first you must have web hosting server to put your file and attached your

domain. There so much option which hosting you can choose, is paid hosting or free hosting.

For beginner, you can try some free web hosting that provides good service like support PHP

and mySQL database, no banner, no too many limitation and other good things. As i’ve been

tried before, i’m using this free host that you must try, here we go 000webhost.

You can also register on 000webhost with your free domain and start to setup into

000webhost cPanel. Once you’ve been login on cPanel, you should see the name server (ns) of

this free hosting service. There are two name server that looks like this and This name server used to attached your free

domain later.

Login to 000webhost

And to setup your domain, start login

to your CO.CC account, click on Manage Domain menu, click again on the

domain name that you’ve been registered, press Setup button. Choose on the

Manage Domain. There is two field type of Name Server1 and Name Server2,

in this field you must filled with the name server from free hosting before.

Name Server1 :

Name Server2 :

And press setup… and yupz.. you’re just finished settting up your domain into your free web

hosting service. Remember, this process can take 3-48 hours before you can access your free

domain into your browser.

Good luck..!!

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