Feb 032009

Attentions! Domain co.cc is not really free domain, this happen when your domain have a lots of traffics and you will surprised when your page has a words like this..”This domain under examniation..bla..bla..bla…” :D

This means that you must pay for that domain co.cc to continue using the domain name.

I think it worse to make a website with free domain co.cc cause sometimes you will be asked to pay to them. It really sucks… !!!

You will better to buy top level domain like .com, .net or others, cause yourfreedomain.co.cc itself is not on top level domain, its sub domain! The top level domain is .cc.

  2 Responses to “co.cc is not really free domain”

  1. didn’t know that before, really damn rule, I just plan to get a free domain there, now, i think i will get a .info instead

  2. I ever use co.cc and I get the same condition with you. Now, I use uni.cc. I hope it won’t like that, but can you help me how to get .info domain freely?

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