Jan 042010

If you have old mainboard like ASUS P5RD1-VM and you put an SATA hard drive you will get some problem when you want to install Windows operating system. Your SATA hard drive will not detected!

This is happen because default setting for SATA hard drive onĀ ASUS P5RD1-VM is set to Continue reading »

Jun 082009

Microsoft has announced Windows 7 for Release Candidate 1 at this month and provided for free download to all users. This should be a good news for developer to try first this new version of Windows before go to final Continue reading »

Jun 052009

Cron is very useful tool in linux to made scheduler task for general purpose, like backup data, script execution and others.

The most used crontab under linux is for executing PHP script, but sometimes this crontab is not running well. Its happen because php CLI (Command Line Interface) is Continue reading »