May 192008

Some people work hard to optimize

their web on search engine, sometimes the optimization that have been made is too over and

can affect their site will be banned by search engine. Don’t think Google can’t

detect what you’re doing on the web! Their spider like Google will seekin’ the text on the

page and crawl and load the data on the spider ship and then give those information on

Google data centre. If they found some strickly text like <font color=”#000000″> and

<body bgcolor=”#000000″> it seem to be invisible by the user, this can be banned by

search engine.

You can’t abuse Googlebot like that! Once your web banned, you’re no

longer have a visitor to your site! Remember that.

  2 Responses to “Best performe on Search Engine”

  1. What if I use css to hide header text in my blog

    (something like this: .header{visibility:hidden}) but change the header with image?

    that can be banned by search engine?

  2. mm… maybe its too risk using css like that,
    you can find more

    reference to validate your styles

    just play safe with search engine, be a good boy


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