Jan 102011

for every dream that made me fly
for every tear that makes me sad
for every smile that makes me happy
for every step that made me brave
knocked on every door that I passed

for each day that makes me feel
for each season are always changing
cold winter nights feels into my bone
warm sun in the summer hold my hand

I gave all the right next to you


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Feb 112010

Today i’m checked my Gmail inbox, and whoaa,,, there is something new in Gmail! Its called New! Google Buzz in Gmail

Google Buzz

In Google Buzz you can share updates, photos, videos, and more just like Facebook style. And there is also has Follow and Followers features just like Twitter style too. And in Google Buzz you can start conversations about the things you find interesting. Continue reading »

Jan 042010

If you have old mainboard like ASUS P5RD1-VM and you put an SATA hard drive you will get some problem when you want to install Windows operating system. Your SATA hard drive will not detected!

This is happen because default setting for SATA hard drive on ASUS P5RD1-VM is set to Continue reading »

Jul 142009

Barcode reader used to read the barcode and then convert it to text, so you don’t need to enter the text manually. Barcode Reader not also enter the text to the textfield but ist also automatically send “Enter” key like we press “Enter” on the keyboard. This can be good condition or bad condition, because when we only need to enter the text from the barcode without submitted the form this can be a risk problem.

This problem can be solved easily with Javascript with onsubmit parameter to controll submit button and avoid submitted automatically by Barcode Reader. With this javascript, form will not submitted after Continue reading »

Jul 132009

Filezilla adalah program FTP yang berbasis open source alias free. Filezilla lebih banyak dipakai oleh web master karena lebih fleksibel dan mudah digunakan untuk pemula.

Untuk mendownload aplikasi filezilla, silakan download di filehippo

Pada saat pertama kali membuka Filezilla, ada tiga bagian utama yang paling Continue reading »

Jun 082009

Microsoft has announced Windows 7 for Release Candidate 1 at this month and provided for free download to all users. This should be a good news for developer to try first this new version of Windows before go to final Continue reading »

Jun 052009

Cron is very useful tool in linux to made scheduler task for general purpose, like backup data, script execution and others.

The most used crontab under linux is for executing PHP script, but sometimes this crontab is not running well. Its happen because php CLI (Command Line Interface) is Continue reading »

Jun 022009

Warcraft DotA-Allstars Patcher is a patcher for Warcraft III that have many features to update the latest version of DotA and others.

Warcraft DotA-Allstars Patcher
Continue reading »

Jun 022009

Warcraft DotA AllStars Maps

Warcraft DotA AllStars is popular game with has a million players in the world, from this games people made a tournament or competition with other clan in other Continue reading »

Jun 022009

Everyone has playing DotA around the world, this game is very popular for personal gaming and online games. Every version maps of DotA has a different content of heroes, weapons, and tips.

DotA Cheat Codes

If you want to play more fun with DotA, you can use this DotA cheat codes below: Continue reading »