May 302008

You know that if your web or blog

have a link on social bookmarks sites, it makes more visitor to your web or blog. But

there’s some other way to make it so easy, yes! by adding social bookmarks button on your

web or blog, this will spreads your content across the web and making it easier

for your visitors to bookmark and share it with other people and also help your visitor

promote your website or blog.

Like i do with my blog by adding social bookmarks

button from that’s so simple button and easy to install. This the most popular

social bookmarks button on the web. To start it, simply register on and get your

code to install social bookmarks button.

If you’re using WordPress like me, you can

install AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget plugin to automaticallyinsert the AddThis widget below each post in your blog.

You can download this

plugin here:

To install this plugin:

Unzip this zip file, and upload it into your wp-content/plugin directory and Login your WordPress blog, click on the ‘Plugins’ tab, and click’Activate’

By adding social bookmarks button it will create a buzz for your

site and increase its popularity and ranking.

  2 Responses to “Adding Social Bookmarks Button on Your Web or Blog”

  1. sip sip sip… ntar nyoba ah :)

  2. thX my men………, good info =D

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