Dec 062008

After a few months i’m used a free hosting service from 000webhost I think its the most reliable and feature packed free web hosting ever had. Begin from free 250 MB space, now its grow up to 1500 MB or 1.5 GB space with a lots feature like cpanel from low cost premium hosting.

Here the full details from featured free web hosting and for upgraded hosting

Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting

Is there another free web hosting like this?? i dare you to find out!! :D

  5 Responses to “000webhost review: Is this the most amazing Free Web Hosting ever ?”

  1. Haven’t you read all the reviews? Search google for “000webhost review” and you’ll see that 000webhost is a TOTAL SCAM!

  2. Ouch,, i didn’t hear that before….. what your mean it scam, actually this site is free.

    Is this free hosting stealing data from the members? can you explain it more details?

    It would be nice to hear more review about 000webhost

  3. Tom mean, the scamming on 000webhost is on its referral program. They never pay their referral..

  4. i see,,,,, about the referral program i don;t mind about that, its really suck! i just try used for the reference for my self

    now i try using, its free too and have more space than 000webhost, but less cpanel tools from 000webhost

    u must try it,

  5. i was used this free webhost for 3 month and i loved the featured offered by this site. awesome!

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